No Waiting Time to Dump

All City Recycling's fill transfer station accepts excavation material, including dirt, rock, concrete, brick, asphalt and fill. We recycle 100% of all material for re-use in all construction applications and development. Our industry leading Pioneer Jaw crusher, along with our state of the art JCI Cone separator and Extech power screener, produce the industry's top quality products, which have been used and approved for New York State Department of Transportation jobs. ACR pre-screens all material prior to processing to produce only superior quality Item 4, ½" base, select granular fill (clean fill) and a clean ¾" RCA. ACR compiles with all DEC, DEP and DOS regulations and does not accept any kind of contaminated and hazardous material. ACR is a full service Fill Transfer Station. ACR has trucking available for on site pick up and delivery.

Our Address

All City Recycling, LLC
850 East 133rd Street
Bronx, NY 10454
Phone:(718) 585-0700
Fax:(718) 585-2800